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What we're about

BikeSurf is a project to provide anyone with the best, ecological and healthy means of transportation in any city around the world - the bike.

We believe that cycling has the potential to change the way people think about and interact with their environment. Having the opportunity to pay-what-you-can-afford bike will allow people to fall in love with biking in an urban environment all over again. The sharing aspect of the project allows the maximum number of people to benefit from the bikes the project provides and can be applied to many other items using a similar model.

How the bicycle request system works is demonstrated in this video. If you are a supporter of our cause and you want to be involved, look below to make a donation or start a team of your own!

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An idea worth spreading is a open-source platform for anybody to set up their own BikeSurf project in their local neighbourhood. The project has been running successfully since June 2012. Eventually, the idea will spread all around the world. By working under the one website, it reduces the time spent developing the web tools and increases the profile of the initiative.

All the BikeSurf projects are operated independently, with their own financial, logistics and policy controls.

The BikeSurf philosophy seeks to allow people the chance to appreciate the world from a saddle: going green, healthy and cheap. There is also the more intangible social value of the project. Such sharing projects encourage people to communicate, share resources and develop a stronger sense of community.

"Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race". ~ H.G. Wells